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Weather Related Policies



Thunderstorm activity is most likely to occur in the mid-afternoon to early evening. Environment Canada's catchphrase is “when thunder roars, go indoors.” Thunderstorms are also sometimes accompanied by hailstones. If a thunderstorm is approaching and thunder can be heard, it is advisable to vacate the diamond. It is unsafe to stay near to high-reaching objects (backstop fences, trees, flagpoles) or metal objects (metal fencing, dugout benches, metal bats). One of the safest places to take shelter during a thunderstorm, if indoors is not an option, is inside a closed, metal vehicle avoiding contact with the frame of the vehicle.

During the play of a game, it is the umpire's decision to suspend or prematurely call a game complete due to the presence of thunder or lightning. It is very important to remain calm during thunderstorms to avoid hysteria among younger players. If a parent has a concern regarding thunderstorms, the appropriate avenue of addressing it is to speak with the team manager (or coach if no team manager is present) and request they speak to the umpire and a coach from the opposing team where a decision will be made together. The decision made by the coaches and umpire should be accepted and respected by all parents. If it is believed that a coach or umpire is not acting in the safety of the players, a report should be made to the Safety Officer and the Umpire-In-Chief as appropriate.

Play CAN NOT resume until 30 Minutes past the last incident of Lightning and/or Thunder.


Little League Alberta District 3 wishes to inform you that High Risk (Level 7) or higher will be considered unplayable conditions, and all games will be canceled by determination at 90 minutes prior to game start and no sooner. 

With regards to moderate air quality levels 4 thru 6, the determination of play will rest with the responsible parties for the event and with the individual families and players. Little League Alberta District 3 will support the decision made in mutual agreement by head coaches with a scheduled game to reschedule for another date and time, subject to diamond and umpire availability. Little League Alberta District 3 will attempt to accommodate other events to be rescheduled due to air quality, such as team practices, but cannot guarantee diamond availability under these circumstances.

Little League Alberta District 3 also supports the decision made by a player and their family to be absent from an event due to health concerns, especially if underlying medical conditions exist. Little League Alberta District 3 strongly encourages openness with the team’s coaches and umpires if present should a player choose to attend despite concerns, and requests that a parent or guardian remain in attendance with the player to monitor the player's well-being. In the same regard, the parent or guardian is to be responsible for supervising and/or appropriately administering the players medication(s) if required. 

During situations where play is occurring while the location is under an Air Health Quality Index of 1-6, all coaches and spectators are advised to be vigilant with early identification of symptoms of poor air quality affecting any individual present, not limited to players, coaches, umpires, and spectators. Symptoms of poor air quality include coughing, dry eyes/noses/mouths, aggravation of asthma, difficulty breathing, chest pains, irregular breathing patterns, wheezes, shortness of breath and uncomfortable awareness of breathing. Individual symptoms presenting themselves may not be serious on their own and should be responded to by seeking shelter in an indoors environment as soon as possible. In the event of an individual experiencing three symptoms or more, or otherwise severe forms of any symptom, may be a reason to seek medical help. Little League Alberta District 3 encourages any individual identifying an emergency to call 9-1-1 immediately.

A more in-depth description of the Air Health Quality Index can be found at the following link, as maintained by the Government of Alberta -

Little League Alberta District 3 takes the entire City/Location Reading at the above Government of Alberta AQHI Website - Local Station Data is NOT acceptable.


When the Government of Canada provides Heat Related Weather Warnings, Little League Alberta District 3 shall institute the following policy:

Using these guidelines from Little League International we wanted to provide the following considerations:

  •  It is up to the coaches discretion on whether to play or practice in the heat.  For a game situation that decision should be made between both coaches no later than 90 minutes before game time.  Rescheduling the game will more than likely need to occur during existing practice time scheduled.  Please communicate this to your division Coordinator, The Player Agent and the Umpire Scheduler so that both notifying umpires and rescheduling can be sorted out quickly. 

If you choose to go ahead and play or practice - please strongly consider the following:

  1. Water - Maintaining hydration is key to being outdoors in extreme heat, for the players as well as the coaches, umpires, and spectators. Bring extra water to the event on days where heat will be a factor.
  2. Shade - Keeping out of direct sunlight whenever possible helps the body to vent heat into the surrounding air more effectively. Spectators are encouraged to bring pop-up shelters, umbrellas, and similar equipment to stay out of the sunlight. Centennial Little League supports the use of tarps properly strapped to the top of the dugouts for additional shade, but does equally advise caution when securing tarps to any fences to prevent accidental injury.
  3. Sunscreen - Remind your players and their families to use plenty of sunscreen to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  4. Monitor - All individuals at the diamond should be monitored for signs of heat-related illness, as generally described below. Heat stroke is a true medical emergency and immediate activation of 9-1-1 should be the next step.
    1. Dehydration - Thirst, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, fast breathing
    2. Heat exhaustion - Cold/clammy skin, confusion, headache, nausea
    3. Heat stroke - Loss of consciousness, perspiration stopping, vomiting, weak pulses, muscle cramping


Please make responsible choices while we are having these hotter temperatures than normal!


Little League Alberta District 3 wishes to inform you that no form of play will be initiated at temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius or less at the diamond location. Temperatures within the 5-10 degrees Celsius range with excessive rain or wind should also prompt coaches to consider discussing the possibility of postponement of a game or practice, with the other coaches and/or umpires involved as needed. In situations where cold weather is a factor, Little League Alberta District 3 encourages conversations with umpires and other coaches to allow for the use of warm clothing on the diamond whenever possible to avoid hypothermia and/or frostbite.​​​​​​