Little League Alberta District 3
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About Little League Alberta District 3

Little League Alberta District 3 is the not for profit organizing and coordination body for all 10 Little League Baseball programs in North Calgary and surrounding areas.

Please choose Find your League to locate the community you reside in ad the corresponding Little League which is your designated league.  You can find all the relevant program and registration information at your designated leagues website.

Little League is for League Ages 4 to 16. You can find the League Age Brackets here!

If your athlete is older than League Age 16 - Please visit Calgary North Baseball League for more information on their programming.

If you live in South Calgary - Please visit Little League Alberta District 8 for more information on their programming and leagues. 

If you are looking for information on Softball - please visit YYC Softball Little League for more information on their programming and leagues,

We are a Proud sponsor of Challenger Division; a Division of Little League Baseball for the physically and developmentally challenged children and young adults.

Why Choose Little League?

Little League offers Baseball and Challenger division programming for boys and girls age 4 to 16 in the Calgary area. Little League is the world's largest youth sports volunteer organization.

A few facts: Over 5,000 children play Little League Baseball in Calgary and surrounding communities.  There are more children per capita playing Little League Baseball in Calgary than in any other city in North America.  The Challenger Division gives our city's physically challenged kids a great setting in which to experience the excitement of playing the game.

So you think Calgary's playing season is too short to produce good ball players?  Chris Reitsma, Tim Nelson, Mike Soroka and Matt Lloyd would disagree.  Chris was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 1st round of the 1996 MLB Draft, Tim was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 7th round of the 1998 MLB Draft, Mike was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 1st round of the 2015 MLB Draft and Matt was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 15th round of the 2019 MLB Draft.  There are many other Canadian (and Calgary area) athletes playing baseball in colleges throughout North America and most have their roots in Little League Baseball.

What's in store for this upcoming season?  A lot of FUN!  Our leagues offer regular house league play each spring, with many weekend tournaments.  Little League Tournament Play (All-Stars) takes place in the summer months after our regular season concludes.  All of the leagues are looking for coaches and umpires.  They provide volunteer screening, clinics and training.  Little League Baseball is the best game in town!

History of District 3

1954 - Charter #551-03-01 Foothills Little League, President: Hugh E. Heimer

1958 - Charter Unknown Regal Little League, President W.J. Phythian

        - Charter Unknown International Little League, President Earl F. Clarke

1958 - Charter #551-03-02 American Little League "Division B", President J.R. Dobson operated jointly with Regal Little League to form a senior team.

1961 - Charter #551-03-04 Elbow River Little League, Only information available from (Little League Canada)

1966 - American "B" Changed their name to Centennial Little League

1966 - Charter #551-03-06 American "D" Little League Changed their name to Bow View Little League, President: W.J. Phythian. Referral also made to Hugh E. Helmer and in 1971, Bow View Changed to Triwood Little League. Then in 1973 their name changed to Brentwood. However in 1974 reverted back to Triwood Little League. Ultimately again changing their name to Northwest Little League.

1966 - Charter #551-03-08 Continental Boys East Division became Continental East Little League

1969 - Charter #551-03-10 Continental North Little League established

1970 - Charter #551-03-11 Continental Boys West Division became Continental West Little League

1970 - Charter #551-03-12 Canadian Boys West Little League changed their name in 1973 to Calagry West Little League

1971 - Charter #551-030-14 Bowridge Little League established

1972 - Charter #551-03-13 West Bow Valley Little League established

1979 - Charter #551-03-03 Cal East Little League established

1980 - Charter #551-03-04 Cochrane/Bearspaw Little League established

1981 - Charter #551-03-05 Highwood Little League established. Also in 1983 changed there name to Okotoks Little League. Then in 1984 reverted back to Highwood Little League. However then reverted back to Okotoks Little league in 1994

1982 - Charter #551-03-10 Rockyview Little league established however then changed there name to Airdrie Little League in 1986.

1985- Charter #551-03-15 Cal South Little League established.

1986- Charter #551-03-16 Southland Little League established.

1986- Charter #551-03-17 Sunridge Little League established

1987- Charter #51-03-18 Fish Creek Little League established

1992- Charter #551-03-07 Bow Valley Little League established, with existing records for Little League Canada it appears an Association named Canadian Boy's East Little League was included in this charter in 1996

Date Unknown - Charter Bowmont Little League established

In 1995 as a result of continued growth of Little League Baseball in the Calgary Area, District 3 separated into 2 separate districts.

2009 - Charter #287295 - Langdon Little League Established

2021- Sunridge Little League Amalgamates with Centennial Little League

To the best of our Knowledge the above information is accurate, and was compiled from Charter applications and correspondence supplied by Little League Canada as to the History of District 3.

District Executives and Staff
Shawn Botterill
Interim District Administrator
Corey Hein
ADA - Operations
Adam Smith
District UIC